David Cameron’s personal tragedy might attract more sympathy , had he not used it as political capital . 

I wrote this on my timeline today . Because ON TOP of trying to solve his party’s psycho drama with a referendum resulting in ClusterBrexit , Cameron weaponised his sick child as a boo shield against a deeply nasty agenda , and now the right are dancing a jig because he finally got called out . And I’ve been asked to reproduce it , so here it is ….

You’ll notice very few references to my progeny on any social media . One or two , but few.
Right , that out of the way , I’ll proceed.
I haven’t fully read the Guardian article , contrary to most lazy tropes this socialist is more likely to read The Times. Anyway . David Cameron . For the first time in my living memory the Guardian has been censured. For what you might ask? Telling the truth. I won’t comment on the tone beyond saying the truth isn’t altered by how we feel about it , or who’s telling it .

David Cameron had zero compunction about trotting out his severely disabled son – posing in contrived shots – to utilise as a boo shield when praising the NHS and concurring with the necessity of benefits and monies appertaining to the care of the disabled The NHS he was already plotting to privatise , and benefits and monies he himself claimed , yet cut as soon as he no longer claimed them . The multi millionaire , David Cameron .

Services and benefits for disabled kids and their carers have been cut to the bone . Disabled adults are being hounded by the DWP to an almost psychic level of attack , with not even the bed bound – and barely sentient – safe from being declared “fit for work”. The misery of the chronically mentally unwell and chronically physically sick is born out in the tens of thousands of precipitous deaths amongst them – again directly related relentless hounding by the DWP – since his election . 

But no . People’s hair is on fire because David Cameron faced the opprobrium he rightly fucking deserved , for presiding over the inception of ALL of that , while using an innocent as his unconsenting patsy in his “I’m human , I really am “ charade . 
You wanna talk about bullying ? You might have missed it , dear reader , but attacks and harassment of the disabled and sick have reached record levels , whilst simultaneously they’re left with few and fewer resources upon which to survive . 
And he did that . The multimillionaire fraud , David Cameron . Parading about that dear sweet child . He lit *that* touch paper , the shiny faced ghoul .”

The Heritage Foundation, and realpolitik. 

Caveat . This is not a comment or insinuation on the character OR motives of ANYONE concerned , let me be clear on that .

The way this has been spun by the opposition was inevitable and I’m getting pretty bored with people trying to place that on feminists voicing misgivings . It’s the nature of the actors and events themselves , which have drawn fire . Whichever position you take , that’s the nature of politics . It was bound to be portrayed a certain way by the inevitable cohort , and an omertà on women having opinions wouldn’t have made any difference . Honestly , it’s like people saying Brexit will be all unicorns and roses if people were just happier about it . Whatever you believe , you gotta know events don’t change just because .

What also bother me – though – is the way people have reacted to/addressed other women’s concerns . The snide Facebook posts , – and tweets – suggesting that women with concerns , would rather see frantic mothers have nobody to go to . The frankly astonishing invocation of Nuremberg , to a Jewish feminist, Julie Bindel 
Nobody suggests that. Nobody . To make it a binary choice of accepting a hosting by the HF (and being seen as concurring everything the HF stands for ) or you’re literally “throwing women under the bus” is spiteful and simplistic . It’s divisive . And Nuremberg? I’m hoping both were unintentional . 

Was there not a single other organisation that could’ve hosted this ? Maybe there weren’t any , any offering? Certainly transparency about this – from the get go – would’ve allayed or prevented a lot of people’s consternation, because c’est la guerre. 
Now , accusations of “policing women” flung at those expressing concern , are simply nonsensical . Firstly , you can’t police anything after the event . That’s called opining on a fait accomplé , not “policing”. 

In fact ,it’s the  telling of people where , when and how they can express an opinion about a public event which IS policing , in and of itself . 

And the terminology . Accusing women of jealousy , backstabbing and gossip are just cheap , silencing shots . Just because a person may be jealous , it doesn’t mean they are wrong . They may be , they may not . Ad-hominem accusations won’t alter that . The straw man attributing of motive , doesn’t erase the validity of a concern , that’s evaluated by its face value . That’s why logical fallacies are called logical fallacies .
Just because a person doesn’t feel safe expressing their feelings in a more open forum , doesn’t mean they’re backstabbing (they might be , but does that make those concerns less valid?)  Calling women gossips ? Really . Because patriarchy never used *that* to devalue or silence the voices of women ?“Shut up ladies” , it says.
And- TBH- I think that Julie Bindel and Helen Lewis (etc) being public figures , are allowed to publicly disassociate themselves from a public action , they’re not asking us to agree and grant permission because that is not ours to give . Public action draws public discussion . We do not have to agree with what’s being said, but people are allowed to speak , because that’s politics .

PS , let me repeat at no point is any of this any insinuation as regards anyone character or motives , merely comment on  events and conversations surrounding.

The action itself ? There’s merit in the argument that whatever we do , we will be slurred as fascist nutcases from the Christian Right . Because it suits that oft reactionary – aforementioned- cohort . 
There’s also merit in the opinion that such actions as being hosted by the Christian Right , for whatever motive (and I am ascribing NONE) (so don’t ) , WILL be seen as the above – which has transpired and NOT because feminists were reacting (shhh ladies you’re only jealous gossips policing ….) but because it was inevitable – as I’ve said before – and some are worried about potential damage . Are we really insinuating the Julie Bindel , for instance – who’s drawn more fire than most of us could bear – is some silly woman with a personal agenda ? I hope not. Merit can also be attached to an argument for lack of transparency re hosts …announcing such details in advance would certainly have thrown petrol on certain fires , unavoidably . 

Whatever transpires , narrative and counter narrative . Let’s hope ours is stronger .

Theresa May , prorogation, Brexit and treason  . 

We are being warned that anything other than the hardest of brexits will result in civil unrest . We are being threatened with violence . Indeed , we are experiencing violence. A needless plebiscite called by a cowardly prime minister has allowed darkness to walk the land , dividing and poisoning , street by street , family by family .And it’s winning .

Stay with me , gentle reader , while I examine how and why , and draw my own conclusion .

A leave campaign relies on proven lies , demagoguery, Russian bot interference , and felonious financial malpractice . The government tries repeatedly to deny the representatives of the people – our MP’s – any vote , from the get go , trying to subvert law by bypassing an act of Parliament necessary to invoke article fifty – threatening instead to use ancient “Henry VIII” laws – halted only by brave citizen democrats and the rule of law.  Then – after two years of attempting to square a circle that cannot be squared – and upon growing public knowledge of this , turns a tiny trickle of boat people into a “national crisis” , thus – again – revving up the real project fear .
But the best is yet to come .

A Tory MP writes to Poland , to attempt to get the Polish right to try and veto any extension of article fifty . Now , should the government decide it wishes to extent article fifty – and I’m not speculating whether or not it should or will , nor do I wish to debate it – then that would be a government decision – made in peacetime – likely subject to a vote . Which makes such actions – those of a member of the governing party – writing to a foreign land to attempt to secure action against that government , and by extension his own county , verging on treasonous. 

But it gets even better . Another member of that governing party – a man of great wealth (we’ll get to *that*) – suggests that the queen uses her “Royal prerogative “ , and ends this government’s term prematurely , in an act of prorogation .  Prorogation means the government is dissolved . Cannot act . Cannot extend article fifty , or seek to put any deal to parliament , or the people, for long enough that – regardless – the United Kingdom will quietly and surely crash out of the EU in the hardest Brexit possible, and shattering the Good Friday Agreement .  That man – if you need any reminding – is Jacob Rees Mogg, . Jacob Rees Mogg has moved all his investments the Eire , which is in the EU. 

But – to me – what’s most pusillanimous? That the opposition are not being allowed to oppose. Hobbled by a leader who continuously swerves party policy . A leader who – out of a fetish revolutionary defeatism and overarching ambition to lead the country through said – has , with a cadre of fellow travellers , continuously aided , abetted and enabled , a right wing coup-d’etat.  Such revolutionary defeatism relies on disaster thusly , that things deteriorate *so* much , for *so* many , that – essentially- society fails , in order that the people turn to a [soviet style] “socialist revival” .

Finally , in an act of treachery astonishing in its panache , the prime minister warns us that any further vote on Brexit will undermine democracy , causing civil unrest .  Apart from the strange logic involved in conflating more democracy with less , the PM has quite elegantly – AND KNOWINGLY- invoked unrest in such a manner as to legitimise the threat , and give such the green light . She has literally marshalled her troops , and holds them as threat above us , in the exact same way common in 1930’s fascist Europe . 

Brexiteers  , I tell you this . When you invoke “Blitz spirit” , you are tacitly admitting there will be a blitz . No amount of “cheerful cockney sparras” bouncing along like Dick Van Dyke on coke , stopped a single bomb . You are sociopaths , wishing this . 

Lexiteers , I tell you this . When you salivate over dreams of glorious uprisings rising from the ashes of defeat , you are tacitly admitting there will be ashes . Who’s ashes , how many ? No amount of triumphant songs telling of great futures under a saviour leader , will erase the dead . No amount of “embracing the storm” will save a single victim of that storm . You are sociopaths , wishing this.

Whoever you are , if this is all an academic exercise , or if you can watch all of this , and still cleave to Brexit – at any cost – as though it’s your own personal Jesus , then I know there’s little point trying to reach you .

But I say this , you and I both know this , that we both fervently wish that I am wrong . The difference is , I’m not scared of being wrong , who doesn’t like unicorns?

You , however , are terrified of being wrong . Because – if you are – the reckoning will not be gentle . 

The answer isn’t moar gunz . 

The answer to firearm violence IS NIOT “moar gunz “ . This is self evident .Why , because the more firearms in circulation = more firearms in possession of the nefarious.

Take it from me , proficiency in firearms requires drill, drill, drill, drill , drill and more drill . Then more drill , drill , and drill . A mass killer , using an AR15 – in a fugue of hate – is certainly efficient , because he is in that fugue , and – therefore – knows nothing else , not even fear .

Few amateur civilians – no matter how well armed , no matter what weapon – could , in fear and surrounded by panic , summon the sheer cold hearted focus it requires to meet fire with fire , bullet for bullet . You couldn’t . And you need to admit it . 

So what’s the answer ? Drilled , retained militias ? Who then , are the police ? Whither they ? Well , they are those whom – having volunteered as guardians – have sacrificed many of the civil liberties such as members of civilian militias rarely accede . Indeed , it may be fair to argue that membership of such a militia might lead many to assume greater liberties over this who they guard . 

Who amongst us really believes that – regardless of our view of the police – any such civilian militia would be free of human failing – somehow less corruptible by power – than a government appointed , regulation constricted , police force? Yes , the police have failings – ANY POC will tell you that . But free of the checks and balances of law and code , the men – yes, for it will be MEN who take this role – you would have armed as your protection , would simply revert , and quickly , to asserting that that protection is an entitlement to droit de seigneur, and your obligation to submit . 

Why is “moar gunz” self evidently not the answer ? 30k plus firearms deaths in the US . Every year . The sum in the UK doesn’t often surpass j digit numbers starting with 3 so – even accounting for population differentials – that figure should sober . 

I have taken up arms , Because you cannot avoid tragedy and horror by making it statistically more likely , I suggest you do not . 

Philip Hammond and the Budget of the boiling frog. 

Ah Phillip Hammond , you’re e every clever fella , aren’t you ?Very astute , tax cuts . A neat trick , making socialist like myself look like hypocrites for opposing them .

“Ah , but why are you against helping the poor ?” Y’all say .
Only I’m not . But those tax cuts will wind up hurting the[all but the richest]worker more than most will care to imagine , and here’s why . These tax cuts . It’s the boiling frog . You know the one , where the frog is bathing in a nice  warm saucepan , unawares the water is getting steadily hotter , until it’s too late .

Without enforcing taxes currently swerved – such as corporation – where’s the money to fund such as the NHS gonna come from? Nowhere , that’s where . The continuing underfunding of the NHS serves simply to amplify the narrative that it’s “inefficient” , and accelerate its steering away from being a publicly funded service , to a privately funded one .Shifting the obligation to fund healthcare from the collective to the individual . 

No longer “burdened” by tax – the people least able to bear it – will be burdened by the cost of healthcare . And the worst part , it’s already being facilitated . By section 75 of David Cameron’s NHS abolishing Health & Social Care Act/2010. 

Oh it’ll feel nice , those extra few quid . For a while it’ll feel indeed as though “austerity is over” . Until wages continue to stagnate , employers further excused of their obligation to provide fair remuneration .Until those few extra pennies vanish in reduced tax credits , and when inflation bites . 

It’ll all feel so nice that – for just long enough to anaesthetise the most vulnerable against continuing tax avoidance , and the fact that outside the EU this stands to become de facto legal – once they come round , the people will be easy to convince its “that nasty EU” that’s making them poor . That took their healthcare . 

This budget isn’t a “budget for the future “ , but “a budget for future past” And the cruelest thing? Making people feel a little better – for a short while – is like putting arsenic in candy .

That cheering you hear ? That’s the sound of the gas igniting under the saucepan . 

Kavanaugh , “sanity” and why women don’t report rape .  The perfect parable of the patriarchal paradigm . 

> than 90% of rapes go unreported

 > than 90% of prosecutions fail 

In Great Britain , the former Director of Public Prosecutions- Sir Kier Starmer – commissioned a number gathering exercise over two years , concluding that false accusations are rare , that false accusations of rape number no more than those of any other crime . The office of DPP is hardly a hotbed of radical feminism , as it’s current incumbent amply proves .
I’m using loose stats because this will vary , country to country . Do not ask fo citations or argue the toss , the figures are out there . 

Aha , you ask , what’s the point to this ? Well , when people use words such as “sanity” , one can only assume that they are insinuating that the opposite  behaviour to which they refer , is “insane” . Lacking in sanity . 

Now , I’m not opining on the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh , nor – indeed – have I ever . I’m going to report what we have all seen , and what is demonstrably true . When questioned – UNDER OATH – Judge Kavanaugh became hysterical . And LIED . Men who knew him in his youth – MEN – were quick to refute his protestations of virginal sobriety in college , and his misrepresentations of group sexual practiced , as “drinking games” . These are MEN with NO AGENDA . Indeed , another cohort not known for its rabid radical feminism . Middle aged , politically conservative , middle class , white , men . 

I  can partly understand his demeanour , nobody likes being accused of anything . But to LIE UNDER OATH , puce faced and spluttering , whilst claiming to be capable of holding an office that requires qualities , and which he indeed said he possessed – of probity , impartiality , and unimpeachable honesty – thus requiring people to completely ignore the contrast with said between claims and behaviour , is quite remarkable .  

This may be immaterial , but Jesuits do not make political moves . They did NOT drop their support because he was republican – remember they endorsed him – but because of what his behaviour under pressure revealed . Quite apart from anything , when a candidate holds views also held by your faith , there can be no hint whatsoever that that candidate’s opinions , treatment of – and morals toward – women , are anything less than benign . Because – hello – that would then suggest the pro life veiews are – indeed – anti woman. 

Contrast with Doctor Ford  . If anyone’s still confused as to why women don’t report such crimes , look at the tsunami of hate thrown at her . Look how this was tacitly endorsed by POTUS – A SELF CONFESSED SEXUAL PREDATOR – when he dismissed her as a liar . Not once did she collapse into anger – lies , recriminations and temper tantrums – not once did she lose her cool . In the face of all that , while the president himself called her a liar , she stood , exemplifying all the qualities Kavanaugh claimed to posses , yet failed to demonstrate. And yet we still dismiss her , and those who stand with her , as hysterics. 

This is why women don’t report . Rape is essentially legal , and reporting such – especially if high profile – requires the acceptance of the crash hot certainty of reprisals , sometimes severe . These reprisals ensure that women veer cautious of reporting the sexual crimes of men against them , and thus men can continue in the belief that – no report = no rape .
In short , don’t report = liar /do report = liar .

When you traduce the sanity of the reactions of women to such events – and opine that there are “real world” situations that more appropriately require their energies – you are not only dismissing their potential loss of their rights to choose , taken by (allegations of sexual misconduct aside ) men who clearly do NOT respect women , you are revealing yourself to be little better .You are telling every woman that ever knew you that she cannot trust you to believe her , or even stand with her to uphold her rights .

You are telling them they are not human . 

Gay rights and trans rights are NOT “the same “

More and more we are told that the rights of (mostly) males to identify themselves into whatever/previously/restricted/to/female they please , is a “civil rights” movement , equivalent to that of homosexuals . 

Well no , and if it has to be broken down into numbered bullet points …then…

1. Until recently , homosexual couples were not allowed to marry . This placed many unable to afford or be afforded the same legal protections – for they or their children – as heterosexual couples . Affording those rights in no way impinged upon those of heterosexual marriages . 

2. Nobody – after equal marriage – is stopping those who identify as trans from marrying , as heterosexual and homosexual couples now have equal rights to marry , and this does NOT require a gender recognition certificate , even though the lack of one will result in the trans spouse’s birth sex – rather than gender identity – being recorded .  

3. It was previously extremely deleterious[and often still is] to the careers of sportsmen and women to be openly homosexual , never mind that this in no way effected their performance , or impinged on the safety , participation or inclusion of heterosexual sportspersons /teammates /opponents . 

4. Conversely , it is extremely deleterious to the inclusion , career progression and participation – particularly in women’s teams and leagues – and impinges on their safety [particularly in contact sports such as AFL or MMA] when male born and ergo male bodied individuals are allowed to participate as women , and there are many examples providing ample proof of this . 

5. Homosexual individuals rarely endanger members of their own sex in facilities such as lavatories or changing rooms , where importuning does occur , it is arguably more risky for those importuning , than those approached . There is no record of female homosexuals posing any risk to members of their own sex, little more of their being endangered likewise . 

6. Where members of one biological sex have been allowed to share such facilities with those of the opposite – be they transgender or not – sexual attacks have proliferated . While only a very small % of such public facilities are “gender neutral” , > more than 90% of such offences occurred within such – as opposed to sex segregated facilities – with the vast majority of victims being female . (All figures available from MOJ website ) 

It is clear , then , that there is little or no parallel between the homosexual civil rights movement , and the so-called “equivalent “ claimed by trans activists .  In order for homosexuals to be granted the same dignities , rights , and safeties and heterosexuals , no single heterosexual right was lost , no heterosexual restricted or endangered .

Conversely – and noting a cruel irony within , on two levels – affording members of one sex [regardless of gender identity ] un-restricted access to facilities previously exclusive of them , not only impinges on the safety and rights of the opposite sex , but may endanger transgendered individuals as well. 

Because if anyone can identify into anyone’s space , anyone WILL. Nefarious men have always , do , and always WILL, utilise whatever means at their disposal to prey on the vulnerable . And that will include the transgendered , as well as women and girls . Likewise , no less nefarious men will view all transgendered individuals as potential predators , creating a backlash .

They are not “the same “ , and those claiming to have any interest the rights of the transgendered , need to how , and why.  “The path to hell is paved with good intentions “ is a saying for a reason , people . 


You think if it was truly possible to identify yourself into the opposite sex , women wouldn’t do it in our billions ?
You think if we really could become men , shed the catcalls , the groping , the rape culture , the objectification , the medical condescension, the drudgery , the obstetric violence , the forced birth , the continued discussion of our bodily rights as though they’re not our sole domain – hell – the fucking pay gap that hasn’t narrowed even though we now retire at the same age as better remunerated men , that we wouldn’t have , in our billions ? Nah , you know it isn’t possible .  Of course you know . You’re lying when you say it is .
And you know it .

But you can’t admit that , oh no . So you take a scientific term and you pervert it . Just like everything else .You call us “cis” . You tell us it simply means “not trans “ 
And when confronted with the semantic stupidity of prefixing that which needs none – as it’s opposite already has a prefix – you then insist it means “a person who’s gender identity alights with that assigned at birth “

Well, nothing is assigned at birth . Our sex is noted , that’s all . Nobody is assigned an identity at birth . Nobody . There are males, and there are females, the rest – “gender “- is a dress code .

What you’re actually asserting is – is that women who do not identify as trans – are aligned with the aeons of sex based oppression forced upon us by men . That we are happy with it . You’re using the true fact – that we cannot choose to identify out of our sex – against us . That because we don’t choose [BECAUSE ITS IMPOSSIBLE]we are ergo simply the way we are meant to be . Because we do not choose not to be . 

This – in turn – allows you to justify your marionette personas , puppetting womanhood through simpering ,appropriative , sex bot stereotype .Those of you who bother .

The cohort who do not – simply assert that by not acting/dressing “cis” – they are the true women , having achieved this by escaping gender – by remaining, for all intents and purposes, – men .

It’s the exact same thing as telling a black person or a disabled one they are aligned with that , simply because they do not choose otherwise .  
Except you swerve that . It’s “not the same” you say . Well why would that be ? Admit it , it’s because @50% of them are male , and ergo human . And women ?  – why , we are an identity – women are just a dress . 

Only we’re not . Because if we were , you’d not have to construct lies to justify your porn sick apery, and your narcissistic , covetous hate* .  We can’t change sex , you little emperors , and you know it . So you insist we hide hide your nakedness for you , pretend we don’t see .
We see. Everything you do , the harder you try , the more your efforts become as a magnifying lens of reality .

Women don’t have penises. We are all StickerWoman 

*copyright . Miranda Yardley 

“I am Tommy Robinson” 

All these men obsessed with “Asian paedo grooming gangs”  

Apart from the fact that the vast majority of trafficked kiddy rape and kiddy pornotainment is white dudes……

Are they looking at porn , have they visited prostituted women, even just too look at them in “shop” windows ? Do they go to East Asia, and “hook up” with them “sweet like nubile Asian pussies” , do they know men who have , do , and will ? Do they laugh with them , bond with them ? They yo bros, so it’s cool right?

Well look up . Listen up . Never mind what those profiting from those industries say – including the occasional “porn star” or “happy hooker” – the ad hominem that they would say that , wouldn’t they , is rendered invalid by the fact that they actually would , of course they would . They’re profiting . But hey , it’s legal , so we cool right?

Those industries rely on the naivety of a few , and the paucity life choices of the many . The many ARE exploited , ARE abused . From the “actress” who has to take pain killers – pre take – and eventually undergo bowel surgery , for her prolapse (euphemistically called rosebudding) , to the trafficked Roma teen , “servicing” fifteen men a day in a German mega brothel . But that’s legal , so it’s okay right ?

Them Thai girls , you don’t know how old they are , who’s holding a gun to their heads , you seem totally able to blank the exploitation , the gangs trading on human misery , addiction and abuse , aren’t you ?
They sweet , who cares you value their “nubile” look , that’s not “actual” paedophilia , is it ? You tell yourselves that , but ignore the fact you cannot possibly know . But nobody is arresting you , so it’s ok, right? 

You don’t know who is groomed , trafficked , raped , abused (and a large proportion of prostituted women , and groomed girls , DO hail from abusive backgrounds)(or are addicted ! or many other life maims ) do you ?
Newsflash , they all are . EVERY DAMN ONE Statistically speaking , the few who aren’t do not number enough to invalidate that And you secretly know that , because – look at the women around you – if that was SO empowering , SO choicey , we’d be queueing up at careers offices . 

And we are not . And you know why . You know .  Even if prosecutions are few . 

This isn’t about the morals of such women and girls , they are victims . I’ve befriended many a prostituted woman in places such as Brazil . They’re my sisters . We got no beef with each other . It’s about the morals of MEN . Mostly white men . 

Look in a Mirror . The face looking back at you is the face of the abuser , the trafficker . Ok , not you personally . SO DONT TAKE IT THAT WAY UNLESS….But the men , the white men with their white man money . Even just images , even just porn . Because buying that is nothing more than paying to watch someone else to do your dirty work 

If you do ANY of the above – justify or talk it down – even if you don’t personally but buddy about with those who do , laugh with them about it instead of tackling them on it then imma gonna say this ….

….Your obsession with “Asian paedo grooming gangs “ and the “brave crusade” of those equally obsessed ………might well mean you don’t give an actual shit about the abuse of women and girls[and it don’t matter how many dialectic gambits you hide behind]you’ve just found an outlet for racism , fuckboy . 

Yeh , you’re “all Tommeh” , damn right you are .