Lesbians aren’t displaying homophobia when they refuse penis . So they CANNOT be expressing transphobia .THEY ARE NOT . 

Gay men , likewise expressing a distaste for female anatomy .

Het people , guess what ? Same . Orientation ISNT phobia .

Bisexuals ditto . It’s a SEXuality , not a genderuality . 
But , yanno …if you’re with a fellow female you’re calling your “boyfriend”, then – maybe* – you’re just a tad ikked you might actually be – drumroll- a LESBIAN (or bi) .

Well howdy there , good ol’ homophobia .
If you’re a male , so revolted by your own feelings and orientations…then hallo . Homophobia . 

If you’re a male , and the thought that someone with a penis isn’t acting as a person with a penis “should” , is dressing “wrong “ , frightens and revolts you – as opposed to simply not finding them attractive cus penis – so much so you experience violent urges ….HOMOPHOBIA . 

Refusing to admit the emperor is anything other than naked is not transphobia , because it’s not homophobia . Nobody cares a man wears a dress , calls himself “Skyler Rainstorm Fae” , and dies his hair purple . Literally nobody .

Except homophobes .
Expressing reservations about MALE people identifying themselves past all the SEX BASED protections of women , to creep and predate on women , isn’t transphobia . BECAUSE IT ISN’T HOMOPHOBIA.

FINALLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY …. lesbians don’t owe anyone anything . Women period – even bi – but particularly lesbians.
You’re so internally homo/lesbophobic you deny your own sexuality – your own sex – then nobody owes you shit .

Lesbians fought SO long , and SO hard , against the backlash they face from patriarchy for rejecting peen , that they ARE NOT OBLIGED to accept people who despise themselves- their very existence in female bodies – as women .
And that’s not transphobia petal,  because it isn’t homophobia . 

Transphobia doesn’t exist .