Gender essentialism .Mother blaming .

A complete swerve of the overweening role of patriarchy .

Right .


LOOK , I ABSOLUTELY affirm the right of any woman to hate any and all males . I do .

We have good reason to .

But we should stick to those reasons , not couch our thinking in gender essentialism (vis a vis “innateness”) or misogyny (“all these mothers”) and demand that that be seen as radical feminist thought , and therefore unimpeachable. 
People , admit your actual reasoning , it’s TOTALLY VALID . But also – what’s more – that would be honest.
there’s a lot of polarising , disingenuous crap being flung by both sides which is descending into deeply personalised anthropomorphism as regards radical feminism .

“I am/think thus – I identify as a radical feminist – ergo radical feminism *is* thus”





Because that is – tadaa – idpol. 
I’m done . This isn’t aimed any anyone I’ve spoken to over the last few days , all reasonably and honestly . 

Y’all know who you are and we cool .

This is about the creeping influence of idpol , and the increasing febrile adherence to our own tropes . 

I don’t want a debate about female only space . READ MY POST.

So please , just don’t .  

*and while we’re on the subject of honestly , it’d be nice if people would admit that they’re excluding other women , and that – furthermore – they don’t care.

That if they see any conflict with that and their otherwise proclaimed political identity , that it troubles them not , rather than accusing those of us with such misgivings as classist , never mind we have never opposed excluding males per-se, and have never claimed to know the answer . 

** a final word .

“Classist” . Really ? So having a moment’s pause about the exclusion of less privileged women is classist is it ? 

Well ain’t that  the same old “go-to” ad hom of the right ,  that one cannot empathise outside the class imposed by the interlocutor , for the very interlocutor’s purpose of silencing /undermining and delegitimising any cross class solidarity ? 

I suppose were that true , it would deligitimise such as Tony Benn. (No comparison with self inferred , before anyone tries *that*)