Ok . I’ve no issue with anyone participating in sport . 

But , but , physiology changes only minimally with cross sex hormones , and cannot reverse the effects of androgens on a grown – formed – adult body .
Second rate sprinters beating first rate girls out of teams , prizes , university scholarships , second rate cyclist – doing the same – are bad enough.*

But when it’s contact sport , when life altering or life extinguishing injury is possible , then nobody’s feelings are paramount , NOBODY should seek affirmation via participation when that has the capacity to KILL. 
If anyone is in any doubt , please Google Fallon Fox . 
So , do we sit by being all nice and liberal , and tell our daughters “gee , sucks you’re actually female ” , or what ? 

You decide . 

Because if you’re not done with all this shit, you may just as well admit you hate your daughters . 

And have the cojones to tell them . 


*Below are two latest examples …..