Humans are solipsistic , narcissistic .
Yet we “prove our individuality ” by joining tribes .

This is how the cult of individualism has colonised liberalism , allowed “identity” and “choice” politics to become tools of neoliberal capitalism , to mutate from liberalism to libertarianism .
It has allowed the political to become personal , rather than the other way round .

We “are”.
So much so that we will only join and vote for a political party if it’s leader most closely reflects our own tropes . We reject pluralist consensus as though we would be abandoning all our ethics – every principle we ever held dear – never mind the collateral damage .
We assert that such is “necessary ” for the greater good of all.
Yet we never stoop so low as to ponder what the “all” , might suffer – never giving focus to the contradiction we create , the totalitarianism.

We find it impossible to believe that our ethics or morals may not be appropriate to apply to others for a variety of – sociopolitical , socioeconomic , cultural ,environmental – reasons , yet justify our moral , ethical and cultural equivalences -as well as our moral relativism – by invoking the individual .

We recoil at the very idea that a woman’s choice to sell her body may be damaging all woman – inter alia – it’s her choice and therefore sacrosanct .
We never address the the impact of – or what drives – such .
We reject participating in herd immunity , using our western tech to deride anyone using the same as a hypocrite , should they mention the aforesaid .
Don’t use your choice to question mine , we say . How dare you choose to?
We render political alliances asunder – yet form new ones – all in the name of choosing “sovereignty “.
We never hold a mirror to our faces – lest it reflect the unseen driving hand of darkness – and the dark within.
Should anyone have the temerity to lift the looking glass , we rage at the traitor , their insurrection . Their very treason .

We react with wounded egos when we are informed that dietetic trends may be an indication – of or gateway to – eating disorders in the young female , rejecting the bigger picture and imagining a non existent attack on our sacred , dearly guarded ethics .
Our quinoa , biodiesel and soy must remain unexamined in their impact .

We say a person can change sex , simply because of a notion in their head .
We say A is A because A says it’s A . Never once allowing A to have a material , biological , scientific basis on which it can be defined – empirically – as A , rather than B.
It never occurs to us that in doing so , we render A and B nonsensical , and that in doing so it becomes impossible to identify as either .
Cui bono? Those of us for whom material reality is an inconvenience to acknowledge lest we are forced examine its part in the oppression of billions , and our participation thusly .

We are trapped in the tumbril of solipsism , unable to discern or apply nuance .
We are addicted to identity and in thrall to consumerism .
The only consensus we will suffer is that of the cipher.
And to a greater of lesser extent . It’s is “we” – all of us .
I think I think I think , the contradiction of our times .
The world has gone from revolving around – to revolving within – us .
We are all vulnerable to the seductive – chauvinistic – charms of cogito ergo sum.