Right . The term “Cis”.

You’ll hear that it’s not reductive , you’ll hear that it just means “not trans ” , you’ll hear that it simply means “someone whose gender identity aligns with the sex they were assigned at birth”.

Let me unpack that , rat fans .

1 . We do not need a prefix to illustrate that female born women are women , we already have a prefix that differentiates us from those born male , and THAT, rat fans , is “trans ” .
Hence “transwomen” and “women “- NOT “cis-women” and “women ”
Going along with that shit semantically erases who the “actual ” women are .

2. Gender is a construct . Nobody is “assigned ” anything by the identification of their sex .
However , once sex is identified , a codified set of behaviours , preferences , personality traits , talents , abilities , and expectations , will be inculcated from day one .
In short , gender is the distillation of SEXism , it is a role that is assigned .
Forcibly and without mercy .
Now , tell me , what female – WHAT WOMAN – identifies or aligns with being assigned the role of not fully human , the lesser , the raped , the subordinate , the corseted , the genitally infibulated , birth forced , wretched set of low expectations and lower lives , the GENDER , forced upon them that transwomen so fetishise and covet ?
Indeed , explain to me how anyone can identify as a woman without being either gender essentialist and/or resort to sexist tropes ?
Cui bono from framing the narrative thus? Who’s trying to enforce it with hysteria , silencing , and obsessive , narcissistic victimhood ?
Not women.

So next time , dear sisters , dear brothers , as well as refraining from that crap , shut it down .

It’s sisterhood , not cisterhood .

Solidarity . Happy IWD .