Removing the rather mis named the spousal veto is a coercive measure , campaigned for by people who want their cake and eat it, and wish to force non compliant wives (for wives this overwhelmingly applies to) into courts to be labelled self declared TERFs and homophobes , in short, this is pre-emptive revenge on women* who wish to exercise their sexual boundaries .

If I marry a man, who is male, I do not wish to discover I married someone who has always been trans, (sorry “always been a woman” ..silly me) just as any straight man/woman , does not wish to discover they married someone who is gay, and has – presumably – lied during the whole marriage , and has ergo deceived them into marriage (something the Catholic Church, weirdly progressive for a change, considers renders a marriage nullified) .

Sexuality and orientation isn’t bigotry, and only people who don’t respect women’s boundaries or right to honesty would have you believe otherwise.

Should a so called “veto” be removed I can see the argument thus..

Transitioning spouse….”yur a homophobe and a TERF”

Woman ….”no, I’m not, I’m just not gay and you weren’t honest ”

TP.. ” what’s wrong with being gay?”

W … ” nothing, if I was gay I’d maybe be married to an actual woman now, already ”

TP “but you already were, have always been , since I was always ACTUALLY a woman..”

W…”so, you’re calling me what?”

TP “a lesbophobe TERF , and what’s more, if you wanna divorce , bitch, I’m gonna make you stand up in court and admit it”

After all, what wounds a male more than his dick be denied?

Which is of course a human rights infringement.

Calling women’s access to divorce a veto implies that this is a legal tool open to women who wish to prevent their spouse transitioning. It is not.
It simply allows women to access divorce quickly and fairly when it becomes clear that the original basis of the marriage was based in a a falsity….
And quite apart from anything, when was a man ever prevented from doing whatsoever he pleases , just because he spouse objects ?

Baroness Stowell (Con) , summed up opposition to this succinctly and effectively…thusly

Tina Stowell, Baroness Stowell of Beeston @tinastowell (UK)

*This of course would also include , more rarely , lesbians married to women transitioning , and even more rarely, straight men married to transitioning women , or gay men married to transitioning men, though the dynamic vis-a- vis assumed sexual access, especially where it’s females transitioning , may differ.

Remember, it’s still common belief amongst men that marriage infers tacit ongoing consent to , and availability of , sex upon demand, and that in the UK, marital rape was only recognised as actual rape in 1991.
In many countries it remains unrecognised as even “bad manners”.