The reason the left and right have united under the transgender cause is because they don’t want gender non conforming men in “man club” .

Hence they’ve decided to make it women’s problem and have elegantly framed any opposition as “phobic” because that plays neatly to our socialised internal misogyny , nurturing behaviours and concomitant fear of offending.

In short, they’ve projected their homophobia onto us and renamed it transphobia .

And it’s a very good tactic, very useful.
Brilliant at silencing because should you deny this weak, irrational fear of something, you risk marking yourself as simply a bigot.
Like with many things , denial is proof of guilt.
So even denial is silenced and thusly , silence is also tacit admission of guilt .

So the next time you hear a person accused of transphobia , ask yourself , what does the accuser stand to to gain by shutting down dialogue?

I shall be clear, homophobia is a thing. People fear they might “catch the gay”, get propositioned or similar (very irrational since the most phobic are usually the least likely to get “hit on” or so I’ve observed ) , or genuinely fear that “the gay” will bring about “te rapture”.

I know of no radical feminist who hates or fears the gender non conforming, or have any interest in restricting anyone’s lawful pursuit of a peaceful life .

We do , however , rightly question the gender paradigms that lead to non conformity , and how non conformity is manifest and reacted to, especially in the “transgender milieu” , as perpetuating of the gender binary .

We do, and this is where PERFECTLY RATIONAL FEAR comes into play, rightly oppose any movement or legislation that would allow , and does allow, intact, disturbed , often violent men , (or just common-or-garden rapists) who may or may not believe they are “women” , to access females in vulnerable states , be they rest rooms, gymnasiums , hospitals, or prisons .

We are, rightly , angry at how men are using this so called transphobia , and relying on the internalised misogyny and yes ,also homophobia , of women and parents , to throw gender non conforming women, men, and even children into a category that makes them “not their problem” anymore, and frame any opposition as phobic or simple bigotry .