You think this sudden so called progressive agenda is happening in isolation?

How cute.

Just as we women thought we’d started to win, to own womanhood and the right to define it….


Suddenly , as if by magic, we have a movement that tells women who don’t support the right of those NOT born female to be the ones defining and owning womanhood , that we are bigots , haters.

And we , socialised to be kind, to bend , to be SHIT SCARED LEST ANYONE “NOT LIKE” US, desperate to be “that cool girl” , do bend , to the point where we are weaponised against other women.
And we fall for it, duped by our own desperation to please .

Well not me.
I invoke Curie
I invoke Pankhurst
I invoke Hypatia .
I invoke Anne Bonny
I invoke Ching Shih
Eva Duarte

Nice never got a girl anywhere .