Irish jokes..can we just NOT.


“So if my friend who is Irish tells an Irish joke I can laugh and pass it on but if a non Irish person tells an Irish joke I shouldn’t laugh or pass it on – just asking? ”

Well dear inquisitor , I think you know the answer to that.
Even if the originator is of any group the joke is about ,your audience has only your word for that…

Would you pass on such if it were Jewish, for instance…
Now you could risk it, preceding it with “an Jewish friend told me this….”
But such friends are often the same apocryphal “friends” of the “I’m not racist, I have friends who are blah…”
And nobody would want to be seen that way, by a black, Jewish, Irish etc…person on the receiving end, just for telling a joke, would they…?

Now, if I were to post an Irish joke on Facebook, and you forwarded it, my identity as the original poster would be clear, do you’d be ok……
And that’s fair enough, because I’m clearly no apocrypha in the imagination….

It can be easy if one is ostensibly WASP, to be labelled, with no malign intent whatsoever, as a racist..and it’s so easy to avoid by applying the veracity test…

And you will notice the funniest Irish sitcoms for instance , like Jewish or Italian ones, are always made by those peoples themselves, showing their humour, not jokes based on external tropes.
They’re inviting the audience into THEIR OWN headspace, not labelling from without.
The difference between Irish* humour, (*substitute whoever), and Irish “jokes”, if you will.

Who, after all, benefits from labelling a race or people**- stupid, lazy, or criminal…..and what better vehicle for that than the seemingly amusing..?

And THAT, gentle reader, is the root of my point.

** now, I’ve encountered pedants who are at pains to point out “blah isn’t a race it’s a people”, or “blah isn’t a race it’s a faith” ….

You know what? It makes no difference. Unless you really ARE that obtuse you will know that race, faith, colour, whatever, if used to “other ” some other large group of humans, based on a common defining factor, may not technically “be” racism, but it sure has the same stench.

*** “but surely that applies both ways, to men and WASPs as well….”

Well, were there ever a power imbalance, globally, socially or sociopolitically, that favoured those whom men , and WASPs , otherwise preside over, I guess you’d have a point. But there isn’t. So you don’t, but thanks for asking.

So don’t even think of chiming either logical fallacy , unless you really do wish to be seen as obtuse, racist, or possibly both.