“Aha”you’re thinking, “why would something that would bring such joy”…to some women be bad for all women?


Because it does nothing to liberate women that’s why

This is just another tool in the entrenchment of women’s primary status under patriarchy as uteri for the design of men….the best and most effective way of controlling women is to exploit the mammalian urge to procreate by making us seem that that’s our defining purpose and frame how it traps us under patriarchy as somehow a privilege.

I’m no athlete , does that make me feel a failure as “a woman”, of course it doesn’t…
The corollary is that women who are infertile would not either, unless they’re made to feel otherwise , and cui bono?

Well, it has enough resemblance of reward (historically … though people keep failing to mention rape as genetic cleansing etc) via “romance” and compulsory heterosexuality (the former the prettifying of the latter which is the exploitation of the human habit of mating up) to make it look like a privilege, but tell me, if it truly were, would there *be* such effort in entrenching it and such conniption when women eschew it?
And there is conniption**, which does make the contrasting though mirage reward appear as privilege.

Would there be such expense and effort put into scientific ways of enabling it, if it really weren’t such a tool.
Really? Can you think of ANY other privilege , by its very definition, that society would spend so much money and effort to SHARE?

Where’s the talk of testicle transplants,..?
There’s scant mention I can find, because men aren’t defined by their reproductive capacity or controlled via it and it seems to me, ergo, there’s no profit for patriarchy in such avenues.

Like it or not, it can be argued that uterine transplant is profoundly ANTI women, on many levels, especially women’s liberation.
Only once women are freed from the expectation , without and within, that they “must”*** bear young, can they ever be truly liberated.

*As to lili Elbe, a transsexual who died of complications from such a transplant…. there weren’t anti rejection drugs then, not to mention Elbe’s age….so that experiment is not fit for discursive purpose, though I can see why it would arise.

**I reference as exemplar the current obsession with women’s uteri in the U.S. Republican Party.

***And that’s before we even parse that this is SO entrenched that it even transcends medical ethics, alongside surrogacy and egg donation , all of which place woman under immense medical strain, such as is that other NON life saving procedures would not be countenanced had they the same inherent dangers.