Is THIS what you wanted, people like myself silenced by spittle flecked accusations of Blairism whist the brothers reify the right of men to buy sex, to commodify flesh?

Did some of us not warn you that your quasi Marxist “all work is wage slavery ergo all work is equal therefore all work is the same” idiocy would play RIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF LIBERTARIANS AND CAPITALISTS.

Your word games attempt to render the degradation of flesh for remuneration epistemologically the same as driving a bus when anyone can see it plainly isn’t.

And you Christian socialists? You effing hypocrites, you whited sepulchres, that not only do you not recognise what this commodification of flesh will do, but that you kid yourselves the brotherhood’s right to the female body, once industrialised , will somehow be a “good thing” for women?

I’m furious and ashamed that the last bastion of the Nordic Model may lie with David Cameron, and you DARE tell me to “rally behind”Corbyn?

Leave your incense alone, leave your charade socialism alone, hang up those badges , you’re done with them. Im sorry , I don’t care WHO that offends.

You think I’m happy to be right, AGAIN?

Don’t dismiss me any longer as disloyal, and Blairite.

If your socialism doesn’t include fifty one percent of the human race, if it expects that half to “take one for the team”, then you’re no socialist.

But good work boys, one wonders how you’ll react when it’s a female you esteem, given a dole sanction for refusing sex work.

Or when the Tories steal the march for women , and with women , with their current favouring of the Nordic Model, whilst you regard the sisters as nothing more than existing for the service of men.

You’d sell your own grannies, whilst patting yourselves in the back that this is the socialist thing to do.