Dear America.
I’m sure you’re watching the current refugee crisis in Europe with a level of detachment – possibly, some of you – thankful of the Atlantic that divides us.
Some even wondering what it has to do with you.
Many of you posit that this, like climate change , is nothing more than a cyclical phenomenon, that you can ride out, observant whilst unaffected , effecting few, if at all.

Well, this is what it has to do with you.
You pride yourselves in being The world’s most powerful country. And you are, for now at least.
You are undeniably colonising the rest of the world with your culture, your politics, your values , your economics even.
And you pride yourselves on this, this proselytising of “The American Way”*.

Europe has, in the last hundred years, suffered terribly through two global catastrophes, which , the Great Depression and the dust bowl aside, have largely left America, and ordinary Americans , largely unaffected.

The Middle East is fracturing in what’s looking like the lead up to another global catastrophe.

Only this time, THIS time, it may well affect the U.S, and not even the deep and wide Atlantic will be able to insulate you.
This is not WW2.
No longer will you be isolated from the effects of world events, your isolationism will become moot, at best.

Unless you face these facts.
You cannot blame the colonisers of the past, you cannot place yourself as no worse. The British , the French, the Portuguese , the Romans , the Third Reich even, cannot have known that which we know now, theirs are not the coat-tails upon which your excuses can ride.

If you want your American Dream, your American values to succeed, hell, survive even, you have to take your responsibilities as the world’s most powerful nation seriously, as well as the spoils therein**.
Police the world, if you call it that you must.
But for the sake of us all, take it seriously. Admit climate change. Admit it’s consequence.
In short, police the world for the GOOD of the world, not just its oil…or we’re all done for, even the good ‘ol U.S of A.
And the American way? Remembered as a particularly spiteful con.

Oh and finally, TAKE MORE REFUGEES. you’ve exported enough war, can you at least import some of the consequence?

*The old colonialist powers at least admit immigrants from their past empires, some having organisations such as the Commonwealth , providing trading and political connections in this post imperial world.

**what happened to “bring me your tired , your poor , your huddled masses”? When did the American way become so insular?