All humans have melanin in varying qualities, and generally 206 distinct bones , etcetera.
Our colour, our bone structure, our phenotype… is a spectrum which cannot be denied. This is anthropology…science.

My melanin is exactly the same as Halle Berry’s, varying only in quantity , and mixed phenotype folks exist within that spectrum, in varying levels of homo/heterogeneity.
Upon this varying level of homo/heterogeneity rides a construct, namely “race”.
This is social anthropology , also science.

Relying on an assumed parallel , it’s been increasingly fashionable to assert that sex , too, is a “spectrum” , that intersex is proof of this, and that since all humans have an X chromosome , then not only is sex a spectrum but also any binary -namely male and female – purely a construct..
This also relies on scientific and socio-scientific theory.

Leading to some concluding that identity is as, maybe more so, materially valid than construct…

Why then the conniption over people adopting certain racial identities , when none such is triggered regarding gender identity….?

Now, I can understand how adopting a “transracial” identity is [in the very least] problematic, since the race construct is clearly hierarchical ….. measured by and relying upon phenotype…
I can understand and applaud people on the bottom of that hierarchy calling out the likes of Rachel Dolezal..for instance….

So, back to chromosomes , biological sex. Even if it were purely and “universally”* a spectrum, the construct that is gender would still have to have something upon which it excuses it’s clear hierarchies.

I would , rightly, face ridicule and approbation, were I to don borrowed feathers and skip around in circles etcetera , seriously and with straight face, claiming any such caperings to be a “rain dance”.

Where this starts to wander off in all directions is the phenomenon of people not affording women the same courtesy when we object to our feathers being “borrowed”, and our mannerisms aped.
The SAME people.

If phenotype is a spectrum and race a hierarchical construct then surely , if you are going to assert that gender is a construct based on a chromosomal spectrum , you have also to recognise that the gender construct is equally hierarchical?

Who benefits from denying phenotypical spectrums , while simultaneously exploiting the attendant hierarchical racial constructs…?
White men, that’s who.
Who benefits from exploiting chromosomal spectrums whilst simultaneously denying the attendant gender hierarchies?

You see where I’m going?

You can’t have it both ways, unless you think women aren’t human.
And I put it to you that your spittle flecked invective, aimed at those of us pointing this out, is projection..because deep down, you suspect we’re right.

I’m calling racism, I’m calling privilege , I’m calling misogyny, I’m calling doublethink…
I’m calling hypocrisy.

*except it isn’t, approximately only 1% of humans are intersex…
Using such parallels would make me , for example, Druze, which I know I am not…
It takes more than “one drop”.