Many thousands of socialists and republicans fought for us in WW2.

How a fellow of such, politically, chooses to honestly express remembrance , when “towing the line ” would have him slated as a hypocrite , is not up for debate.

He took a packed lunch that was provided, depriving nobody, rather than charging ££££ in lunch expenses at some swanky joint, (and not holding the simultaneous view that anyone who can’t live on £50 a week is greedy…IDS J’accuse) , and refused to sing the national anthem…which last time I looked is neither illegal OR immoral.

And sin of sins, he wasn’t in Saville Row cashmere.

He’s damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t, and I , as a Veteran , with purely political differences with Corbyn, have, do, and will, continue to defend his right to honesty, which, in a democracy , is not “the same” as disrespect.

Because like it or not, patriotism isn’t wrapping yourself in the flag, but defending equally the rights of those who don’t wish to.