After the carnage of WW2, Churchill had an idea.

It was one thing to go to war over clear egregiousness, such as genocide and/or invading neighbouring countries, but whilst obvious provocations of war, none of these actions, or the uncountable multitude of actions therein, were classified or reified as definable , accountable crimes – against the person – on a cross border, internationally agreed convention.

And , if war [or any other legal sanction ] were to be avoided, or legally justified, such a convention was not only desirable, but essential, especially to protect the weakest against any state – namely the individual – and any such convention needed to universal, or it would be pointless.

So, in 1951 , the European Convention On Human Rights was born, not the brainchild of out of touch liberals and intellectuals, but a deeply conservative ideologue, the aforemtioned Winston Churchill.

Since then, the principles have been regarded, in the west at least, as the very basis for universal human rights, including the right to healthcare*, referred to by President Obama in his introduction of PPACA.

Now, back to Churchill.
I would ask those of you who voted conservative, partly because they wish to recuse the UK from the convention, [and rescind its absorption into UK law] what Churchill would think , what he’d ask you, why you’re so keen to abandon his most lasting legacy, the internationally recognised set of defined rights and protections of the individual against the nefarious, which includes not only those you find despicable, but also you?

He’d ask you, no doubt haunted by visions of the holocaust, what the hell you’re thinking?
And I expect he’d remind you, that whatever you vote for as regards to “others”, also applies to you.

It’s not “Europe’s act”. It’s ours, and one of our proudest legacies.

*Remember, with no universal right to healthcare,[feel free to expand] it’s not just what you regard as vaguely indefinable rights being put in peril, but lives.

**The whole concept of individual rights and responsibilities as reified by act of law was a British invention, in the Magna Carta , so why are we so keen to abandon our own legacy, eh?
It’s madness.