The above is a link to the blog of one Ciaran Goggins.
It’s not hyperbole to say my blood ran cold.

The name might not be familiar to you but he was one of the cabal of ghouls who outed the identity of Ched Evans’s victim and narrowly, though how I don’t know, escaped prosecution for said.

Since then, and as a supporter of the aforementioned rapist ex footballer, he’s carried an increasingly fevered vendetta against the creator of the successful petition against Evans returning to his previous club.
Namely one “Jean Hatchet”.

I’m not going to name women, but I know for a fact who Jean Hatchet is, and who it isn’t.

I don’t believe it behoves anyone to “out” her in order to take the heat from his current favourite candidate, nor do I believe it behoves Hatchet to “out” herself.

Calls for this , while understandable and having my sympathy*, are now moot as it’s now obvious that he’s escalating and that neither women**may be safe anymore, from him or his supporters***
This is incitement , pure and simple.

And no, I will NOT demand that any woman “out” herself, on behalf of the safety of another, however egregious her refusal to do so may seem.

It’s Goggins and his ilk who need dealt with, and I’m NOT going to ask women to ameliorate this, in the face of such (to paraphrase Tolkien ) “reckless hate”.

It’s too late for that, and if you’ve indulged me and clicked on the above link, you’ll see why.

And still the police do nothing.


*they really DO have my sympathy, empathy in fact, for he’s had his pops at me, as well as some dear friends.
I’m only speaking for myself here, not suggesting how others , including them, should act or feel.
That’s not my place.

**when I say neither, I mean ANY. Whoever he names. He’s escalating that far.

*** Or anyone just needing and excuse.

More regarding Goggins here, giving a brief run down of just what a “character” he is;

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