I love this remark…..as often seen from men and again today in a comments thread…”at LAST a feminist has admitted that feminism isn’t about equality for everybody at all, just women”
(Insert boo hoo-ing sound effects if wanted)

Newsflash Rude Boy, it’s doesn’t have to be, and here’s why…..

Feminism is about equality*, with men, for FEMALES.
The fact that some males, especially those who don’t fit patriarchy’s paradigm, may benefit from this is a happy accident.

Feminists, at least radical feminists, admit this. The rest often just tell you “it’s for everybody” because men, having had the upper hand for millennia – would pee their pants at the thought this “natural state of affairs” wouldn’t continue for them.

And then of course, there’s the handmaidens**, still in thrall enough to patriarchy to not want to scare the menz, or self protecting of selves from said where said where power balances still punish the female, such as in quiverfull families, etc.

Women do NOT need to “be the same” as men to have equal and fair opportunities/treatment.
Chinese people , black people, Dravidian people , et al, are not “the same” as each other.
Nor is one man from the next.

The exception here is that universally, men can demand without argument fair treatment from other men, or any opposition to this will be met by the correct assertion that they’re all men equally, by definition.

But, in need of hierarchies – and relying on biology – men (of all hues) placed themselves in hegemony over ALL women.

Now we cannot be forced into endless childbearing work, the worm has turned, much to the conniption of patriarchy , which continuously tries to reverse the aforementioned female bodily autonomy, or refuse it, as in many countries (Ireland, Middle East, South America, North America) (feel free to expand list) – or make said , virtually impossible.

Forgive feminist then, if we point out the various avenues through which patriarchy tries to control women, especially and nearly always via our bodies, and if we also point out,
Now take a seat, and listen to women.

*On equality, note that throughout , I refute the patriarchal notion that equality=sameness, either in person or behaviour or treatment.
This is easily done because they do not demand “sameness” from fellow males,while they conversely assert that if females want equality with men, we “must” accept “equally” crappy behaviour/treatment, and indulge in said.

In short, they contradict themselves, in their very philosophy.

One could posit that this is because while males are seen as equally human, male being the default for said, females are not.

Not treating their fellow males humanely is a fault seen through millennia , and not, as we now see, for females to echo OR ameliorate, despite their demands.

In short, feminism demands nothing more of men than that they GROW UP.

**handmaidens..this is a difficult word, even for me, as it implies complete agency and choice, and who can say any woman has that, in the prism of worldwide patriarchy.
Nonetheless, I refer only to such women who have a measure of agency, those who could, such as liberal feminist, choose a different path.
I’m open to discussion as regards more fitting terminology. X