So, this government is restricting tax credits to two children…. And although it acknowledges that not all pregnancies are planned…


Let me unpack this.

We’re basically asking women to “prove” they were raped, despite the well documented reasons why they don’t report.
Despite the fact that even reported, even prosecuted, rape is notoriously hard to “prove”.
We’re asking victims of marital rape to report their husbands, women to report long term partners….basically, despite well documented reasons why domestic violence victims don’t report.
We are saying (because you know this WILL be required) that their choice is thus..

Report despite your trauma, or face poverty for yourself and children, or get rid.
Catholic? Tough.”

We are saying to women, historically from poorer socioeconomic groups, Irish, Polish, Italian….(see where I’m going?) who, despite being pragmatic and using contraception(even the Vatican tacitly accepts this lesser of two evils) , that should it fail, they’ve two choices, poverty or abortion.
We’re saying that to any woman, for whatever reason, be she rape victim, whatever*….that she has two choices…

I’m pro-choice**….but choice isn’t choice when it’s forced.
We’re punishing women for courage, or following their faith, or being too traumatised to ….

Now, I’ve been asked if my faith is ever at variance with my radical feminism, and ESPECIALLY NOW, I can say, no, actually not.

That’s how elegantly cruel this is, almost poetic, that a self proclaimed “Christian” heads a government (populated by pro-lifers) who would happily penalise women for not wishing to abort.
They are literally expecting women to justify the existence of their children


*you can append as many reasons as you wish, as to why women wouldn’t report a rape, or couldn’t bring themselves to abort, even if they were using contraception….
it doesn’t take much imagination so I’ll leave that one to you, dear reader.

**There’s a doctrine “primacy of conscience” which many pro-choice Catholics reference, this means that while we ourselves might not choose a certain path, we allow women their consciences to follow the path best suited to theirs.

***finally, I’m only referencing one faith regarding abortion because its the one Im most familiar with and it’s the most easily identifiable , generally, regarding this…
Many other women may have similar faith based reasons, and I respect those every bit as much.

Hell, it doesn’t actually matter why a woman chooses to keep an unplanned pregnancy, she should never have to explain why, any more than one who chooses the opposite.


It’s especially elegant in its egregiousness given that the DWP secretary, Ian Duncan Smith, is a practicing catholic himself.