Dear Owen

So you’re gay, fair enough.

Naturally you’re appalled at the idea of cunnilingus.

Naturally such a suggestion could be framed as homophobic.

Until the feminist you’ve accused of homophobia asks you why then , did you posit that homosexual women, lesbians, are transhobic for not wanting to similarly entertaining peni?

And still you squeal “homophobia ” “how dare you ask me” .




Then it’s pointed out to you that transphobia works in application to male homosexuals as well as female, as does the sort of homophobia you believe only exists when males are asked if they’d consider the opposite sex as a partner.

Only then, only then, now knotted by your own hypocricy, do you finally say you’d consider a trans man as a sexual partner.


Tell me Owen….not that it matters , whatever floats your boat yadda yadda….

Are you actually gay?
And what am I being, transhobic, homophobic, each or both, for asking?

Well? WELL?