I’m not going to bore my usual gentle reader with a blow by blow recap of the circumstances that lead to the composition of this letter, suffice to say some prominent universities have been giving more credence to a notional idea of safety, based on objections to speakers and opinions they’ve never held, than they seem to be granting intellectualism and honest debate.
Needless to say, this is antithetical to the very ethos of academia, as elided in the letter here.


Now, apart from the usual furore that arises should feminists, hell..actual females , have the effrontery to defend their voices, the usual schtick has taken a rather disturbing turn…one of accusations of murder and fascism.
As illustrated by the following screen cap here..


And rather elegantly summed up in this screencap…


Apparently , gender critical trans persons are = to Jews sending other Jews to gas chambers.

And all because supporting an idea, signing a letter, FFS, that requests politely that universities support, rather than stifle , debate , is akin to actual murder.

Now, let me unpack this.
If you have a problem with females defining themselves and their boundaries, their very SAFETY, but find having to entertain the reality that other people (usually female) might have different ideas to you – makes you feel “unsafe”, then not only are you a hypocrite but I’d posit that university ain’t the place for you.

How you ever get out of bed of a day escapes me, if just the existence of ideas you haven’t even ANY knowledge of scare you THAT much.

There is a lot of violence against the gender non conforming. But that’s actual, material, violence.. virtually exclusively male, and always homophobic or misogynistic in its origin.
When some John murders an MtT prostitute, trust me, he isn’t being gender critical.

If those ideas are SO evil then why not let them speak for themselves? If we’d censored other ideologies, then I promise you the suffering you so casually appropriate would’ve been a lot worse.

I know of no gender questioning intellectual, be they radical feminist, transwoman, or psychiatrist/psychologist who’s ever uttered a single syllable , how ever much their words are knitted, that can be interpreted as a denial of the right to exist or invocation of violence toward the gender non conforming.
But you’ve been TOLD their ideas are dangerous, and that stops you even looking.
Do you even begin to understand how profoundly anti intellectual that is?
Never mind, stick to what you’ve been told, because it’s “safer”.

So, back to this invocation of the holocaust. It’s beyond me that you can assert that some ideas are so offensive as to be too difficult to even contemplate as hypotheses – and yet assert one of your own that breaches the definition and boundary of “offence” so far there’s no actual word to describe it.

Narcissism doesn’t even start to describe that mindset. But suffice to say that if you really do entertain that equivalency you SERIOUSLY need to get out more, because there’s literally billions of people world wide whom find such privileged thin skin vomit inducingly repulsive.

Now, I’m giving a final honorific mention to the spiritual mentor of so many of you, because unlike you, I’m not scared of facing troublesome ideas.
Indeed, sometimes the best way to ensure they die a swift death is to expose them to the “oxygen of publicity” , by promulgating them and letting their absurdity(and by extension that of their proponents) speak for itself.
That’s leaving out the fact that if your ideas and theories rely on personal attacks, (or vile tweets denigrating the successful campaigns of such as C Criado-Perez) and on trying to raise your profile (and by extension the profile of your theories) by attacking others, then I’d suggest that such theory is intellectually moribund at best.
And solipsistic of your common narcissism.

I think the following screen caps are somewhat indicative of the intellectual vigour of whom I’m referring to, that’s all I’ll say.



Lastly, may I point out that if any of you , even so much as thought “nous sommes Charlie Hebdo” , then you must be profoundly thick skinned to ignore the wails of the irony klaxon , going off every time you open your mouth.
Which is rather odd, given how scared you are the rest of the time.