Well good morning and hai all you lovely people.
Especially at Huffpost, for publishing this sweetly anodyne “are you a (male) feminist quiz”……


To which , many men reacted in a somewhat predictable manner.
Especially “Dave” (let’s call him that) (cuz that’s his name) who , like trope bingo, trotted out the “same old same old”,equality=similitude , mind sedative.
And then managed to elide to that equally asinine philosophy, complementarianism.*

I couldn’t resist, even if it was only a Huffpost thread..

Off I went , and what fun it was…

“Err, “Dave”…it means an equal result is possible, at least.
Stop conflating “same” and “equal”.
It’s true that men and women aren’t the SAME. Blindingly obvious, in fact.

Guess what? Black people aren’t the “same” (I mean in pigment..nothing else, don’t start) as white, in fact – NO TWO HUMANS ANYWHERE are the “same”.
“Different but equal” ? If only that were true, rather than a complementarian (google it) lie used to justify subordinating one sex beneath another.

If certain “natural roles” were “equal” they would be equally valued , but they’re not.
Even in the work place, “natural female” roles such as teaching and nursing are paid well below trades considered( but no more difficult) more traditionally “male” such as paramedics for instance.
I am not the “same” as other women, (beyond common identifiers such as chromosomes) that would be impossible. We are all individuals, equally human, despite our differences.
So difference does not ever justify unequal treatment.

And you mentioned Christianity. Ok, let me unpack that in the New Testament (cuz JESUS ..not the OT and all it’s tomfoolery) manner.
1..JESUS made scant remark about women’s roles, though he was very tender to them, I imagine because he recognised their plight, as he did with the Magdalen.
2..If you believe we (humans)are all made in God’s image, then that has no qualifiers, it means WOMEN ARE TOO. Because saying otherwise, means that women aren’t human.

Oh, and BTW, the only person responsible for ANY KIND of attack on another human, is the perpetrator. Saying otherwise is a tad creepy, as it elides to offsetting guilt.
And who does that but someone who(deep down) harbours guilt?

We got that?
Ok bye..
Yours, the feminazi navy veteran, mother of one, married Christian.
With a lovely husband.

So, as Huffpost posits.
1. Women are people too..equally human.
2. Everyone should feel safe. The only person culpable is the perp.
3. Equal pay for work of equal value.


I really am off now, I’ve got to find my other feminazis and resume lurking in dark alleys, pussywhipping unsuspecting males.

A woman’s work is never done.”

*definition of complementarianism (ok, it’s Wikipedia … but don’t knock the wiki)..