How often do you hear the refrain..”but why do you care so much about blah when blah is so much worse?”
Or demands that you “get some perspective”.

Every time a feminist opines on cosmetic surgery, or depilation, or street harassment , there’s always someone who explains, ever so slightly haut-en-bas, how “white feminist” or “privileged” it is, to have such trivial concerns.

Who’s showing a lack of perspective here? The feminist, or their “educator”( often , sadly, another feminist)?

For every micro there’s a macro.

For instance, pubic depilation might seem a trivial subject for feminist discourse, but has it never occurred that this is the micro to the macro that is female genital mutilation?
Has it never occurred that fat shaming is the micro to that macro that is body policing?
That the price and taxation in the west, of sanitary products, is the micro to the macro of females quitting education due to menstruation, purely because of a lack of such products and facilities?
That the catcall is the micro to the macro that was, or example, the Delhi rape?

That such concerns might well be the micro that leads to the macro that is feminism?

So, instead of framing the conversation around someone’s “lack or perspective”…. why not seize the opportunity to start a conversation?

Instead of shutting women down with our “superior” feminism, is it not incumbent on us, as feminists, to nurture the micro , as if it were a seed, and germinate the macro?

To treat other’s “trivialities” as lightbulb moments towards feminism?

I’d posit that resenting the very effort of ascertaining whether or not it is said “lightbulb moment”, at all, is hardly showing “perspective” either.

What’s the worst that can happen?
That we have to make an effort?

Because while it’s absolutely true that it’s not our job to educate some (ahem – men), it IS – often our job – to educate our sisters.