Today it was announced that the Department Of Public Prosecution has upheld a decision (instigated in response to a privately brought prosecution by her alleged attacker) by the Crown Prosecution Service to pursue a prosecution of “attempting to pervert the course of justice” vis-a-vis an alleged false accusation of rape , against the late Eleanor DeFreitas, during which time the young woman, suffering from BiPolar disorder and terrified of court, committed suicide.

Naturally, this has met with lively comment regarding justice for rape victims, the falsely accused, and the ever popular trope that “women lie”.
Her supporters, most notably her father , are devastated , and cannot understand why the CPS pursued a case which the police themselves opposed, until they were overruled.

Here is a link to her father’s own statement regarding the decision of the DPP to back the CPS.

Nowhere in any piece or statement is there any explanation of the machinery whereby they came to that decision, given that the facts as far as ascertainable to a member of the public , are as follows.

1- The police believed her. They recorded it as a crime but couldn’t pursue it because, as with many such cases, the alleged victim is the only witness.

2- Nobody who can stump up 200k and who’s remained anonymous is “ruined”, by any standards, but by pursuing it he would have been named, by his own actions, in court, either civil or criminal.

3- The police refused to co-operate in the private prosecution and opposed the criminal one, (even to the point of refusing to entertain her accuser’s use or rape myths and allegations that she may once have done escort work) as stated in this report from The Guardian..

4 – it’s just as likely she would’ve been found innocent, since a lack of evidence works BOTH ways, and she was ill.

5- less than 2% of all rape related prosecutions are for false allegations….and few of those are successful… So not is it statistically unlikely that she lied, but even less likely she would have been convicted. If you don’t believe me on this last point you need to google “Keir Starmer – DPP- false rape allegations.

6 – suicide is not a marker of guilt, even less so when somebody is ill.

7 – there may have been repercussions to an opposite conclusion, vis-a-vis the possibility of a flood of appeals against past convictions for similar, and I can’t imagine the DPP or CPS would’ve countenanced that.

And if a young woman is dead, I want to know why, not just that one group of lawyers, opaquely, agreed with another.

Please sign and share the following, because whatever the case, it is far from transparent #JusticeForEleanorDeFreitas #JusticeForEleanor

As a postscript to this whole sordid affair, I will leave the final word to her accuser, Alexander Economou , named by himself in the Daily Mail, who twists the knife in an egregiously sanctimonious manner, by sending his “sympathies” to the family of the girl he , arguably(and not without help) drove to her death , here..