To whom it may concern.

I don’t know quite how to write this, to express myself, but here goes.

One hundred years ago a war commenced that would not only decimate a whole generation, but ever after be remembered – by a false hope, as “The War To End All Wars”, and quite rightly, yearly, this horror is commemorated on the anniversary of the armistice of 11. 11.1918.
The Royal British Legion, again rightly, uses that anniversary to remind people of that generation’s sacrifice, and the sacrifice of their military descendants, to raise awareness and monies for disabled veterans etcetera.

You , however, are a commercial entity. Pure and simple. This is a neutral fact.
Your very existence is to trade, via commerce, to provide goods which people will buy , and gain you profit in doing so.
This again is a neutral fact.
And employing advertising to encourage custom is also, in and of itself, a neutral act. That’s commerce for you. Also naturally that advertising is designed to make you more attractive to customers than your competitors. Fair enough.

So. I can see how a collaboration between yourselves and the RBL would be desirous in order for mutual benefit.
You market a charity chocolate bar for the RBL with the bonus of any profit garnered by the added footfall and it’s commensurate purchase.
Again, all neutral.

But. BUT.

You then proceed to use, for advertisement purposes, a heartstring pulling portrayal of a brief respite from the horror, from the shitty, terror filled, cesspit of death, in order to do this.
That one single moment , sanitising, obscuring.
Obscuring and sanitising your one and only motivator, profit.
For if it were altruism alone, a very different advert, one purely about the RBL, and it’s work, with scant or no mention of its sponsor, would suffice, surely?

Did you not think that some of us, including veterans like myself, wouldn’t notice the whiff of corporate stench, defiling the whole enterprise and cheapening that sacrifice, or did you just not care?
The fact that all this might not be your intention, be purely accidental, strikes me as either woefully naive or deliberately disingenuous.
Did you think we wouldn’t notice, or be too “respectful” to say if we did?

But what’s most shameful? That you took the RBL with you.
That you used them, and every snot filled hanky that advert creates, for profit.
Which makes you little better than Britain First, using the Poppy.
And that all of you hide happily behind a nation’s gratitude and patriotism to get away with it?

I could weep.