In the “Op-Ed” below , that very question is asked, in the same contrived self pitying tone as that other disingenuous bleat “why do people hate me for being beautiful ?”

Just as nobody hates, in-and-of itself, beauty, females haven’t a “phobia” of anyone transexual or transgender, in-and-of, themselves .
However much it might suit those who wish they did.
But the comments ARE frequently excoriating, stinging, and often angry.
And here’s why.

Because females don’t like being told what they “are”.
Because females don’t like labels being forced upon them in order to frame their subordination, FROM BIRTH, as some sort of a privilege.

Maybe females are SICK of that subordination being turned into a privilege by people who stand most to gain from the erasure of that subordination.
Maybe females are sick of having to include people , once again, into their battles and spaces because of the “me too me to me meee…” Maybe females are sick of being told to sacrifice themselves to other’s feelings.
Maybe females are sick of our cipher role , of being eunuchs* to the design of males and their handmaidens.

Maybe females are rightly very worried about the long term consequences , for their rights, safety, and very lives by this frenzied reification of identity over lived reality.
Maybe females are sick of being threatened , coerced, wheedled , and generally emotionally blackmailed, by people who could choose (and thus gain rapid acceptance) to be allies**- but instead seem stuck on a default misogyny which is frankly terrifying.
Maybe females are sick of being accused of hate crimes, murder, and suicide when all these other tactics fail, and reality doesn’t disappear in a puff of “I wish”.

Maybe if we substituted the word “female” for “black” people would see, but as , I suspect, these individuals are the sort who view either or both as subhuman, and simply don’t care.

** I know of quite a few allies – generally transexuals , but they’re often vilified as truscum and sock puppets” by people very attached to an anatomy and attitude that screams ANYTHING BUT female.
As to so called “transphobic” gay people, well, as someone so very correctly pointed out, they are homoSEXUALS, NOT homoGENDERUALS.

So maybe, because of that, we’re sick of a situation, which, were aliens watching, would be seen as absurd to them as changing light bulbs in a power cut?

And the faux naivety of articles , sorry, “Op – Eds” like that……

Oh, one last afterthought ….. Maybe females are SICK AND TIRED of being silenced, with fury and accusation, EVERY TIME , we name our own reality, and try and shape it, the way males have always been able to, because we have the temerity to remind the world, that we too – are PEOPLE.