This appeared on my Facebook timeline today



Here it is reproduced in full;


This work is dishonest.
The one common factor of all those “human crucifixes”?
They’re MEN, all of them.
Can we stop this “otherising” of those who abuse, can we stop this diverting from the COLLECTIVE responsibility ( as we DO by saying , it’s preists, it’s capitalism it’s blah blah blah) and tell MEN, and patriarchy, to turn their focus on themselves, all of them, and sort it out?

Come on. How many men make a point of telling other men not to be douches? Or even admit that the common factor in ALL these Asian/priestly/Thai child rape rings , IS MEN.
Yep, I know there are female facilitators,but take a long hard look at how the power structure of humanity is, and has , for aeons , been skewed to the male – and ask yourselves, what would you do to survive, as a member of the less powerful group? How would you protect yourself? Allying yourself to the powerful might just seem safer, and less effort , than fighting it.
You might even learn to hate the group you were born into, and internalise that hate so much, you do not even realise what a servant of the oppressor you have become. Rather, you place that servitude on a pedestal , never realising that your oppressor’s applause, and approval, is simply because you are a willing dupe, nothing more.

You might even join the “otherising” dialogue, proclaiming that it’s not “your” oppressor that’s abusing children , no. It’s them, the Catholics, the Asians , the Muslim …….
And once again you’re helping the oppressor divert attention from what HE, and MEN, do.
Just as this work of art does.

There is another common factor on the first image of that picture. One which also obfuscates the focus.
One which might lead you to ponder on the motives of the group posting it.
More “other-ising” perhaps?
More MEN, from a deeply patriarchal society, diverting attention to “others”?

Because if this image were entirely honest, those children would not be “crucified”.
They would be impaled on giant, erect, bejewelled and triumphant PENISES.

The artist , Eric Ravelo, is himself is from a historically deeply patriarchal culture.
And the work is so visually erudite that I cannot accuse it, or him, of deliberate dishonesty in what seems an unconscious “otherising”.