Rape is gender.

Men rape.
Males rape.
Females rape.
Women rarely rape.

Why? Women aren’t people = females aren’t people.

Men = male = person.

Woman = female = sub person. Untermenschen.

This is about gender using sex as a weapon. Of oppression. Of dehumanisation. Of feminising (reducing to status of woman) to dehumanise.

When males rape, they usually rape females. They also rape other males. This is to enforce the status of subhuman = woman = female.
Even when they do it to males.

This why they rape females.
This is why they rape gay females.
This is why they rape males.
This is why they rape gay males.
This is why they rape males who identify as women.
This is why they rape females who identify as men.
This why they rape fellow males in prison.
This is why rape is a weapon of war.
This is why male soldiers get raped.
Why defeated females get raped.
Ethnic cleansing.
Feminisation as dehumanisation.


All because female sex = woman gender = untermenschen .
And those who betray gender , of either sex = treasonous

Think about it. If gender roles were truly equal, rape would be obsolete. Who rapes someone they perceive as equal?

Because gender is where those socialised as the class that is woman must accept the class that is men must prevail.

Rape is the weapon of the the class war that is gender.
And gender is the weapon of patriarchy.