Because he opines that the foundations of the Catholic faith would crumble if Jesus were to be seen , as man, to have had a sex life, and children.

Now. There may well be Catholics who believe divinity is incompatible with humanity but I’ve never personally met one. And while I’m aware that the church does hold Jesus to have been celibate , I’ve never heard a priest , nun, or teacher say that they “know this as a fact”.

Why? Look. We’re a pragmatic lot, us Romans (otherwise how would there be 1.2 billion of us and that’s before you count the Maronites and Chaldeans etcetera?)
We know Jesus was a man.
We know his name was Yehoshua and that we’ve latinised it.
We know he was a Jew.
We know he was called Rabbi.

Some of us, still call him that. For he was the greatest teacher there’s ever been.
And I admit that those of us who do call him that, those of us of a “Messianic” bent, may not be regarded as “proper” Romans.
And that goes back to Peter and Paul.
No matter.

But. BUT. We also KNOW he was a man.
An actual human.
The consubstantiation of grace and flesh that was God made man.
Jesus ate. Did that make him less divine?
How could it, he himself said “what goes into a man’s mouth does not defile him”.
If he ate, and drank, he also pissed. And shit.
We know his death was the worst of carnality, and that he was spared no humiliation, no terror, no pain.

I said it. Piss and shit.
Did those normal bodily functions , which he must have had, defile him or detract from his divinity?
He also bled.
We can’t pick and choose which part of “incarnate”Jesus was any more than we can pretend he didn’t shit.

He was a man. He was divine. Neither of these things rely on, or detract from each other.
His piss wasn’t divine. Nor was his shit. His blood , his sweat, any of it.
Being a normal human, with normal bodily eructations, didn’t sully his divinity and his divinity didn’t raise those eructations to the divine.

So. If he married, or had a lover, (of either sex) it wouldn’t shake the faith of many of us. At . All.
Nor would his fathering children. And while they’d be genetically related to Jesus, they would be no more imbued with the divine than any of us is or isn’t.
For we are ALL “fearfully and wonderfully made”

Sure, it would shake the patriarchal nature of many catholic tenets, but these are historical , and didn’t issue from him. Most of what any church builds it philosophy on is man made. MAN made.

We cannot possibly know if Jesus had a wife or lover. We cannot possibly know what his sexuality might have been.
It wasn’t recorded because it wasn’t relevant to the covenant he brought.

And I know voicing this makes me a heretic.
But I’m betting that most Catholics , if they gave it thought, would find it similarly irrelevant .
And maybe the foundations would shake, a little. In the hierarchy.
But would we lose our faith?

Only if we , and our faith, really were as fragile in it as the fevered imaginings of the likes of Dan Brown, Henry Lincoln , Richard Leigh or Michael Baigent would wish.

And if that were the case, whither 1.2 BILLION.

PS. This is all a personal perspective. For various reasons, I’m on a spiritual journey , route unknown.
But there’s one constant. Jesus. Not the blue eyed matinee idol of Hollywood , or some of the more “charismatic faiths”.
But the quiet Rabbi, the fiercest critic of all of us, yet our greatest protector.
The gentlest of us yet the bravest.

For this was his covenant

From John 13/34
“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another”

From Mark 12/30-31
“And you are to love The Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your understanding and with all your strength
The second is tis
You are to love your neighbour as yourself.
There is no other commandment greater than these.”

The rest, just man made nit picking re eschatologies ,catechisms, and countess arguments between Apostles.

He never wavered from that message, so who are we to question?

PPS. This has been very hard to write. I don’t usually reveal my spirituality because, for me, this is an even greater act of trust than revealing my body.
So I’d ask that, while you may not agree with my musings (heretical that they may be)(atheist you may be) can you at least refrain from discourtesy , as I do when questioning others.
And if you’re coming from a perspective of some romanticised Kabbala or some such , some imagined *exclusive knowledge* , please don’t bother.
That’s been tried.