Today I read something in the press that frankly, revolted me. A boy who RAPED HIS SISTER, is sent back to the family home, because the alternative would “tear the family apart” and it wouldn’t help to expose a rapist(who was TWELVE when he committed the rapes) to ” hardened offenders”.

The article is linked here;

I’d posit that that family has already been “ripped apart”.
I just don’t know what to say.
I’m aware that children aren’t adults.

But what part of this is helping a little girl?
Re-victimising her, daily, to protect her rapist brother from “hardened” youth offenders?
What exactly is a pubescent rapist?

Ok. He may not be helped by custody. I get that. I never said otherwise.
But even if she is very young, she will remember. And facing her rapist , daily, until she’s old enough to leave.
And I will not be patronised, ad-hom-ed and straw man-ed in an attempt to defend the indefensible .