Don’t want accusing of rape?

Men. It’s this simple.
If you don’t want accusing of rape, then you, as a class, have to stop raping.

Don’t take this personally. I’ve discussed this with my husband and he doesn’t. He knows I’m not accusing individual men of being rapists.

We came to this on discussing how “not guilty” verdicts, in rape cases, doesn’t necessarily mean “innocent”. This is because, whatever injuries a woman may suffer, she’s usually the only witness to the crime against her, and therefore it is simply “her word against his”.
And a really good defence lawyer can usually destroy a witness testimony in all but the most horrific cases, nearly every time.
This isn’t to suggest that the accused, however vile , doesn’t deserve a good defence. Without it, no conviction would be safe.
But nor does “not guilty” mean the accuser, the witness, has lied.
If a person is mugged, alone, with no witnesses, and there’s no forensic evidence, their mugger may well get away with it.
Would we suggest that the victim wasn’t mugged?
Does this mean their victim lied?

I’d posit that the answer to both questions would be no.
Why then, are rape victims treated differently?

Now, I’m not going to bother with a link to the outgoing DPP Keir Starmer’s statement on false accusation statistics . Just google it.
But bear those ( 1% are false , for those too time poor to do the above) statistics in mind when I put this case.

A famous man, who’s previously boasted of having slept with over a thousand women, and who’s also opined that abuse victims may be the authors of their own fate , a man who’s libido is a standing joke amongst his co-workers, gets accused of alleged past sex crimes by dozens of women.

Of course there’s no evidence. How could there be, decades later. And he has an excellent defence, as is his right.
And he’s found not guilty.

I’m NOT saying this verdict was wrong.
But I’m not saying his accusers are liars.

Do the maths. Over ONE THOUSAND alleged partners. And ALL OF THEM 100% totally consenting?
And these women. Dozens of them. None known to the other. All saying the same thing happened to them, over a period of decades, are they ALL liars?

let me make this clear, I am not suggesting that this man is a rapist, or that the verdict was wrong. I am merely asking what the prosecution lawyer almost certainly did.

So men.
You don’t want false accusations of rape against you?
Don’t ask women to stop making them. It’s been proven, by no other than the DPP, that we don’t.

Turn your focus on each other and tell yourselves this.
Stop making rapey boasts.
Stop opining on the culpability of victims.
Stop raping , as a class.

Because if you never do these things, you won’t have any reason to fear false accusations.

I don’t steal. I have no fear, whatsoever, of being accused of theft. Think about it. The ball’s in your court.

Final word.

Take racism. I’m white. White people, as a class, have been racist to other ethnicities. Therefore , even though I try my damnedest to avoid being a racist, an accusation of said (however false) is something I should fear, and rightly.
Hence, I don’t make racist jokes, don’t opine that other races are the authors of their own fates, don’t make racist boasts.
Because if I did, people would , fairly , speculate about my alleged racism.
Now, because I make that effort, no such accusation has ever been made.
And , being aware that I am white, I don’t kvetch when other whites are accused of racism.
No, rather I ask myself, and other whites, to quit with the racism.
When we as a class stop being racist, we will never need fear accusations of racism.