Intersectional – Nothing of the sort. When seen on a bio translates as “someone best avoided”.

Radfem – TERF. Bigot. Probably a lesbian, DEFINITELY a member of the “prudocracy”.

Calling out – (self) Righteous instigating of a flame out, pile on , and general abuse.

Schrodinger’s rapist – Doesn’t exist. Peni are female. 

TERF – Anyone who doesn’t agree with the above. 

Queer – Gender essentialist(believing in “lady brain”….)

Cis – People of any sexuality who’s anatomy isn’t at odds with their perceived gender because, uh, gender is a construct. Otherwise known as realists. 

Bigot. Lesbian.(see also TERF)

Venn diagram – Something “intersectional” types don’t understand. 

Sex positive – Pro porn, pro prostitution. Cos this neveh panders to te menz and it’s “empowering”. 

Sex veto – Something that makes women “bigots”(see also TERF and lesbian)

Sock puppet – Trans person not rabidly hating of “cis” women. (See also TERF)

Brick, Cinderblock – Not the building materials. Misogynist terms used by some trans women. About other trans women*. 

Check your privilege – Oh fuck off. 

Blog- Rant.**
*Google it. So many levels of irony.
** I know.