Well, this has been a vintage week for feminism, hasn’t it?

Ain’t nothing like a bit of roaring misogyny, from so called “Allies” , ” sisters” and “intersectional feminists” to give patriarchy a right old wank fest, is there?

And I’m tired.

I’m tired of people claiming kinship with my childhood, as a girl, because of how they “felt” , as a boy.
My brother was given advantages I could only ever dream of, purely because of his SEX.
Never mind how he felt “gender” wise, he was still a MALE – a “BOY”, and still treated with all the commensurate advantage that Y chromosome infers.
So no. Whatever he’d feel, however he’d “identify” , this, in microcosm, is the reason why he – and all other people who were boys as children, can never have a “shared girlhood”

And pointing this out, isn’t “transphobic”, anymore than black people and their shared kinship, is “racist” for excluding whites.

I’m tired of people exalting individual “choice”.
And then claiming that because it a choice a woman makes, it is – by default – a feminist choice, and therefore sacrosanct.

Here’s the acid test.
If a woman makes a choice, that men* question, undermine, and restrict – if, in short, her choices cause kerniption in the patrisphere…
Then likely as not, that is a feminist choice.

Like reproductive autonomy.
Like financial independence.
Like eschewing a pornified aesthetic in favour of comfort and individuality.

If , however, it is a choice that men* , and the patrisphere , laud, encourage, and defend as “choice” ….
Then likely as not, it is not a feminist choice.
Particularly if questioning that fact causes more of the aforesaid kerniption.

Like pornograpy.
Like prostitution.
Like “artistic” violence and nudity, because “the plot”.
Like being “sex positive” and declaring the rest of us “frigid”.

It’s the selfishness of the individual. The libertarian and libertine, touted as superior, and more “empowering” than the choices made by those who see past this, and the harm it does.

And woe betide any woman who dares to say no, who alludes to a bigger picture.
Who dares to put women first in her choices.
If she has the temerity to point this out she will be slurred, libelled. Silenced. Her very livelihood will be threatened
She will have her achievements scorned, in a aggressive , puerile and frankly misogynistic manner by so called “intersectional feminists”.

Well, we are more than “individuals”. We are women, a class of human that has never been boys, never been men.
And if your analysis fails to see this, fails to acknowledge the Venn diagram and its centre crossovers – patriarchy and women – then it will also fail to see where these all intersect.

In short, your “intersectionality” is nothing of the sort.

And parroting that word, whilst splitting the sisterhood in favour of your precious ego, rights, and “feels”(thus obscuring focus from the bigger picture)might as well be an exercise in futility equal to changing light bulbs in a power cut.

Tired? Did I say that ?
I’m fucking exhausted.


*Men. And their handmaidens . Those women who’s internalised misogyny is a powerful weapon in patriarchy’s arsenal.
Who’ll use sexualised imagery to attack other women, often purely to raise their own currency.
Who’ll claim that being unattracted to peni doesn’t make you a lesbian, but a bigot.
Who devalue and scorn women’s sex veto.
Who’ll fling career ruining slurs about “phobias” at other women – just to make a political point, whilst simultaneously ignoring their own ableism, lies, and bile.
Who’ll campaign to get rape centres defunded.
Who’ll campaign against the memorialising of women shot for daring to be the very thing these people can only play at, namely being feminists.