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@FWSAuk: Read our article: Is Anti-Sex Feminism a Step Backwards for Women’s Rights?

Which on reflection, is a blog in itself.

Oh thank you Jerry for educating me.
My stance against the comodification of the female body and the pornification of said which is becoming society’s wallpaper is because I’m ” anti sex”.
Gee I never knew.,
Is this because I’m also, a conservative, a prude?
Well, only when women are truly equal to men will they have complete agency to do with their bodies as they choose, without the constant undercurrent that if one woman’s body can be purchased for money, the rest of us must fall into line, and accept being equally reduced to meat that can be purchased.
Now, you may well not think that about women at all.
But in patriarchal, porn-sick society , little girls are growing up believing pubic hair to be unattractive, unhygienic and frankly repulsive.
Little girls are being pressured into aping porn stars by their barely pubescent boyfriends .
Little girls failing to see that this is rape, because this behaviour has become so normalised.
This is NOT what we Radical Feminists(yes, I’m younger than you, and yes, we do still exist)fought for.
We fought for women to have exactly that agency over sex which men have, to be allowed, if they want, to be as sexually selfish , as men.
NOT to have that subverted by *fun* feminism into a sexual existence that not only primarily panders to men -but actively believes this pandering has liberated them.
Most women, when questioned ONLY by women, are uneasy about modern porn.
And since when was it ” empowerment” to feel that you cannot say no?
Since when was it ” empowering” to tell women that if they don’t like the sexual memes men promote as entertainment, they are “anti sex”, period?
This is the language of patriarchy.
And if you fail to see that, then not only have you a complete disregard for female empowerment , the lessons of that era you lived through have not only passed you by, but have been subverted by men into requiring compulsory sexual availability from women.
Rather like the pill has.
Rather like abortion, when we took complete control over our bodies, men, and patriarchy , had major kerniption and is doing everything to reverse that.
“Ladies , you can have complete control over your bodies, your sexuality, but if you do it in a manner which denies us control, isn’t for our pleasure ,we WILL slur and bully you until it is” quoth patriarchy, subliminally, in every woman’s ear, every day.
And if you need to have THAT explained, then I can only posit this is willful ignorance.
If you have ANY understanding of Greer , et al, you will have an inkling of what we “Fourth Wave” radfems want for women.

Oh, and PS. Just because a woman makes a choice it doesn’t mean that choice is, ergo, a feminist choice., or that it can’t contribute to the patriarchal devaluation of women’s bodily autonomy.
And calling women “anti sex” is just bloody coercive.

And PPS Brooke Magnanti, was, allegedly, a prostitute, so to paraphrase the famous quote of Mandy Rice Davies(where sex pos “feminism” is concerned)
” she would say that, wouldn’t she?”