Well. That’s my intention to get straight onto the bus home stymied.

I’ve just overheard a smug young woman describe her work as a physiotherapist’s assistant.
All very fascinating.
Until this …”the only time I didn’t treat alone was with a young Muslim woman, who’s very *neurotic* about her body”.

Rage. Bloody sheer voiceless rage.
I stalked out. Or I’d have ripped that young woman a new orifice, if one can verbally.


How dare she claim to be any sort of healthcare worker and use that term?

Get this clear sweetie, women who don’t wish to reveal acres of flesh, for whatever reason, aren’t “neurotic”.

They may have been coerced by forced mores of modesty into feeling that it is immodest to do so, but they are not “neurotic”.

They may be less than happy with their physiques, or have scars. This in itself does not make them “neurotic”.

Whatever her reasoning, you are NOT qualified to diagnose whether or not they qualify as “neuroses”.
And even psychiatrists eschew the term neurotic as being similarly old fashioned and stigmatising as “hysterical”.

So, young lady, who the fuck ARE YOU, to use such labels on other women?

I only wish I’d been in a position(through being a co-worker or just plain rude) to hold you to task for your casual, thoughtless bullshit, and misogyny.