Those who support women’s liberation do not believe that human feelings, affinities, abilities and intellectual capacity unrelated to sexual reproduction (dolls for girls, trucks for boys) are neurologically caused by sexual reproduction. Instead, we believe such cultural sex-roles are violently enforced in order to ritualize and perpetuate male social domination of females so that those who are unable to produce offspring (males) can violently control those who do produce offspring (females).

Genderists (social conservatives, religious fundamentalists) believe the opposite: that sex-roles of male domination and female submission are biologically innate (“biological essentialism” “gender essentialism”).

Trans-Genderists are a sect of genderists who believe cultural sex-roles (male domination, female submission) are so central to the human endeavor that non-compliance is a birth defect to be treated by medically and surgically disguising the biology of human reproduction (sexual dimorphism) in cases of “incongruence”. Further distinguishing trans-genderists from genderists is that transgenderists claim non-believers…

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