4 x chicken breasts , in 1″ cubes or 1x 1kg chicken, jointed and skinned.
1 x large onion, diced
3 x medium potatoes, cubed to same size as chicken cubes
2″ piece of ginger, grated…..this is much easier if frozen first.
1 x whole head of garlic, crushed
1 x tablespoon turmeric
1 x tablespoon ras-el-hanout
1 x teaspoon garlic powder
1 x chilli powder…leave out if preferred
2 x medium green chillies , pricked – fewer chillies if preferred, more ditto

Combine all dry ingredients into a paste, with a little oil or water
Cook onion until light gold, set aside
Cook chicken until lightly browned, set aside
Place onion back into pan, add garlic and ginger and stir just enough to combine, add spice paste and stir till warmed through and coating onions.
Add chicken and stir until coloured by spices.
Add chillies and potatoes, and repeat action.
Add enough cold water to fill halfway up ingredients.
Cook in medium oven until chicken cooked and potatoes soft, check regularly and add water as needed.

Don’t worry if you can’t get ras-el-hanout, substitute with medium curry powder and a teaspoon of allspice. It is usually available at most supermarkets, I like Waitrose’s best. Though it seems pricey, you don’t need much and it will provide you with enough for another curry or two or maybe a tagine?

This recipe works well in a slow cooker, on high, for as long as it takes to cook through. How long this is will depend on type of crockpot.
You can use whichever oil you prefer, in quantities you prefer, in this curry. I like using garlic infused vegetable oil, but any is fine, though I wouldn’t use good olive oil as the flavours of the curry are dominant.

Season with salt to your preference, but I would say do so sparingly as you can always add more, but never subtract. I like to use about a half teaspoon of ground sea salt.

Another addition I like to add at the end, five minutes before serving, is a large handful of spinach, stirred in, so it cooks down, and chopped coriander as I actually serve it.

This is lovely served with whichever rice you prefer, or a simple lentil dhal.
I like to dollop yoghurt and onion raita, and mango chutney on it.