Today I read an article from the Daily Telegraph that left me truly horrified, and warning, this may trigger some people, about a transgendered individual who was euthanised after failed surgery. Euthanised
Read about it here @Telegraph

As you can probably surmise, and I’m no psychologist, this person had issues far and way beyond being transgendered or transsexual that seemed to span all the way from gender dysphoria to BDD, depression and beyond. On so many levels this person was a perfect exemplar of a “troubled soul”.

This person was NOT ” born that way”, but seems to have developed identity issues due to truly toxic parenting.
I cannot help but wonder if this person ever had this issue explored?
I cannot help but wonder if the medical professionals were colluding with, and enabling, this person’s issues rather than forensically exploring their roots and treating them?
I cannot help but wonder if this person EVER encountered love, true love, of the often very tough variety which helps a troubled mind face it’s daemons?

This soul didn’t necessarily “need” any of these horribly disfiguring and invasive procedures.
This soul didn’t necessarily ” need” to be EUTHANISED. (Which is what they do to dogs, IMO)

I keep getting back to the one thing that should DID “need” , which was LOVE.


I recoil in revulsion at the very thought of the torment that child, that poor little girl, who’s parents treated her from the get-go, as untermenschen , just because she was born female.

Maybe it’s my Catholic upbringing, but it feel deeply that every person, once born, is a unique and precious soul , and that NO child should be deprived of that angel’s embrace of parental love.

Tonight, and every day from now on, I make the solemn vow that I will ALWAYS, at least once every day, remind my child that she’s loved, and always will be.