Vexed, isn’t it?         

Apparently there’s something called ” consensual non consent”.

No. Just no.

Either you are consenting or you are not. And popularising an oxymoron into a “thing” doesn’t lessen the contradiction. At. All.

I can only hypothesise that people who believe this crap are either stupid, or so denying of their misogyny, internalised or otherwise, that they justify such “acting out” by giving it a title.

Either you are consenting to what ensues, in which case, good luck sister, but self respect that ain’t, or you aren’t . In which case what exactly are you admitting?  

Seriously, this is beyond kink. It’s using another person as a proxy for your own internalised misogyny, abdicating responsibility for your actions by categorising them as part of a meme.



But please don’t suggest that “consensual non consent”  exists.

There are no “blurred lines”